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Cambodia rejects untrue information about VN’s groups VNTimes


Vietnamese businesses in Cambodia, including those investing in therubber sector, have made great contributions to the country’s economicdevelopment, Cambodian Deputy Prime Minister Yim Chhay Ly has stated.

The remark was made at a reception given toVietnamese Ambassador to Cambodia Ngo Anh Dung at the CambodianGovernment Office on June 7, which drew the participation of provincialleaders of Kongpong Thom and other provinces, where Vietnamese rubbercompanies are operating.

The Deputy PM totallyrejected false information provided recently by Globe Witness and RadioFree Asia (RFA), which accused Vietnamese rubber companies and the HoangAnh Gia Lai Group (Vietnam ) of destroying the environment inCambodia and encroaching local people’s land.

Infact, the Vietnamese businesses in general and Vietnamese rubbercompanies in particular have strictly complied with local law, respectedlocal residents’ practices, and protected the environment whileimplementing their projects, he stressed.

They havenot only created jobs for local people and contributed to Cambodia ’sstate budget but also participated in social works such as medicalcheck-up and treatment, construction of schools, medical stations andother welfare facilities, Deputy PM Yim Chhay Ly added.

The Cambodian Deputy PM criticised Globe Witness for using KhmerRouge-time images with the purpose of accusing the Vietnamese rubbercompanies of destroying Cambodian forests.

He alsocensured the organisation for falsifying witnesses who said that theVietnamese businesses had used force to prevent local people fromcultivating in their land.

The untrue informationhas made negative impacts on the Cambodian political environment,especially when the 5th National Assembly election is going to takeplace this July, and on the friendship and cooperation with Vietnam,he noted.

Ambassador Dung expressed his thanksto the Cambodian Royal Government headed by Prime Minister Hun Sen,ministries and agencies and localities in Cambodia, for theircreation of favourable conditions for operation of Vietnamese businessesincluding rubber companies in the country.

Hestressed that the two sides should strengthen timely exchange ofinformation in order to deal with arising issues. This will help protectinvestors’ interests as well as legitimate interests of local people atproject areas, he noted.

Besides, there should becorrect and trustful information channels to encourage investors andprevent untrue information like what happened to the Vietnamesebusinesses recently, the Vietnamese diplomat said.-VNA

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