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Vietnam boosts Mekong Sub-region economy VNTimes


Together with other countries in the Mekong Sub-region, Vietnam hasexerted efforts to ensure the region’s sustainable development,fostering economic cooperation among sub-regional countries as well asbetween them and other partners.

According to VuVan Trung, Deputy Head of the Foreign Investment Agency under theMinistry of Planning and Investment, Vietnam has so far directlyinvested in 335 projects in Mekong Sub-region countries with totalregistered capital of about 7 billion USD, accounting for 50 percent ofthe country’s total projects and investment abroad.

Vietnam has implemented 222 projects in Laos with totalregistered capital of 3.9 billion USD, making it the third largestforeign investor in the country, he noted.

Vietnam-funded projects have laid the foundations for the development ofindustrial sectors in Laos and Cambodia in the future, includingrubber, sugar and micro-organic fertiliser production, hydropower andminerals, he said.

The projects have created jobsand improved workers’ skills in the two neighbouring countries, whileimproving local people’s incomes and contributing to the state budgetsof the countries, Trung added.

During theimplementation of the projects, Vietnamese businesses have activelyjoined social activities in the host countries, investing largely inbuilding schools, healthcare centres, roads, houses and other socialwelfare activities, said Trung.

He pointed out thatVietnam-funded projects to plant industrial trees have significantlyboosted socio-economic development in Laos and Cambodia ,contributing to improving the environment as well as living conditionsfor local people, changing cultivation customs in remote and mountainousareas in these countries.

Hoang Anh-Gia Lai Grouphas invested 40 million USD in the Lao province of Attapeu ’ssocial welfare programme, upgrading its infrastructure system, includinga bridge, roads, local government headquarters, hotels, hospitals andhouses for the poor. These have greatly changed the face of one of thepoorest localities in Laos , he said.

Inaddition, the military-run Viettel Group has made contributions tomarket development in Laos and Cambodia. The company has createdjobs and stable incomes for more than 25,000 workers in Cambodia andnearly 20,000 in Laos.

During the recent 2ndMekong Resources Forum, participants agreed that in order to furtherpromote investment, trade and tourism activities in the sub-region in asustainable way, the involved sides should work closer to outline andimplement joint programmes and plans to attract more investment andeffectively make use of aid from international organisations.

They agreed that all countries in the region should raise a commonvoice in regional matters like the use of natural resources forsocio-economic development, the effective protection of the environmentand sustainable development.-VNA

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