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Gov’t asks greater efforts for stable macro-economy VNTimes


Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung requested ministries, sectors andlocalities not shirking from the goals of containing inflation andstabilising the macro-economy as they are decisive preconditions forrealising other goals.

Making the request at the Government’smonthly regular meeting for May in Hanoi on May 26, he alsounderscored the need to achieve a sustainable growth rate to avoidgenerating inflation hike and impacts on the economic restructuringprocess.

According to the cabinet members, in thefirst five months of the year, all levels and branches have activelyimplemented solutions issued by the Party Central Committee, theNational Assembly and the Government.

As a result,the country’s macro-economy was kept going in a right direction withinflation put under control, prices stabilised relatively, and lendinginterest rate slashed.

In May, CPI saw a lightdecrease of 0.06 percent from the previous month, becoming the secondmonth of the year enjoying a minus CPI growth.

Meanwhile,exports turnover in the first five months totalled 49.94 billion USD, up15.1 percent against the same period last year, and registered FDI wasestimated at 8.52 billion USD, representing an 8.9 percent year on yearrise.

Social security continued to be ensured andthe life of people, particularly the poor, ethnic minorities andunemployed ones was paid due attention.

These gains, however, unveiled problems facing the national economy, said the cabinet members.

The agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and industry and constructionsectors are grappling with difficulties. Livestock, poultry and fishfarming declined while industrial production, especially processing andmanufacturing, slowly recovered due to reducing purchase power.

Besides,the differential between mobilising interest rates and lending ones wasslowly narrowed. Restructuring commercial banks, settlingnon-performing loans in the banking system and removing obstacles to thereal estate were slow.

To deal with these existingmatters, the cabinet members suggested being more drastic in solvingdifficulties and promoting production and business.

In the short term, they said, it is necessary to recheck and timely adjust unsuitable mechanisms and policies.

Investmentand trade promotion activities should be improved further whilerestructuring public investment, State-owned enterprises and creditorganisations should be speedy.

They also proposedpaying greater attention to vocational training, and job and incomegeneration for labourers, especially rural workers and those fromdissolved enterprises.

They also suggested increasing investmentfor the public healthcare, strengthening control and prevention ofepidemic diseases on humans and crop plants and livestock.

PMDung instructed ministries, sectors and localities to continue followingclosely the goals set forth in the resolutions adopted by the PartyCentral Committee, the National Assembly, and the Government.

Herequested them drastically take measures to ensure information andsecurity and web safety and propose punishments against the misuse ofthe Internet to blacken, slander and distort the country’s situation,harming people’s interest.

At the same time, PM Dung asked hiscabinet members to proactively provide the media with objective andaccurate information in all fields to create a consensus in the publicin realising the set goals.

At a press briefingheld later on the day, Minister and Chairman of the Government Office VuDuc Dam said the government always watches for risks of inflation andalso deflation.

“The Government persistently pressesahead with stabilising the macro-economy, curbing inflation and making areasonable economic growth rate,” Dam said.-VNA

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