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Deputies comment on draft Constitution VNTimes


National Assembly deputies discussed the draft amendments to the 1992Constitution in groups at their ongoing fifth session in Hanoi onMay 27.

They shared the view that the collection ofpublic feedback on the draft amendments has been implemented in aswift, uniform and democratic manner, saying that it is a democraticallypolitical and legal activity among people of all strata, the politicalsystem and overseas Vietnamese as well.

Policymakers said the activity upholds the people’s right to mastery,raising a sense of responsibility in every individual, agency andorganisation to devise and enforce the legal document.

Discussing Clause 1 on the name of the country, most deputiessuggested keeping the country name of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam,which has been used since July 1976 and officially set under the 1980and 1992 Constitution.

Retaining the country name aims to affirm the goal and path to building and developing the socialist-oriented country.

About Clause 4, legislators agreed to assert the Party’s leadershipover the State and society, supplement a regulation on the Party’s linkswith the, being supervised by the people, and being responsible to thepeople for its decisions made.

According to them, it is necessary to maintain Clause 4 on the Party’s leadership role.

As for human rights, citizens’ basic rights and obligations, theyhighly valued the description of human rights in the draft documentwhich covers their civic, political, socio-economic, and cultural rightsin accordance with international treaties to which Vietnam is amember.

Regarding the land issue, many opinionsreaffirmed that the draft amendments continuing to affirm that landbelong to all people and the State’s role as an ownership representativeis suitable.

Deputies, however, recommended thatthere should be concrete and thorough regulations on land reclamation inthe draft Constitution.

On the proposal toestablish the Constitution Council, many concurred with the need to setup the Council and proposed adding its mission and rights to meetcurrent requirements.

Participants also commented on other contents of the draft Constitution and the model of local administration.

On June 3-4, they will continue giving their opinions on the draftamendments, which will be broadcast live across the country.-VNA

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